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Eyeglass Frame Types

Full Plastic Frames

Ful Plastic Frames made of zylonite, cellulose acetate, nylon etc. has a frame that completely surrounds the lens.
Plastic eyeglasses are the key fashion accessories for men and women. Plastic eyeglasses come in thousands of colors and shapes, offering you a unique palette to complement each and every outfit. Plastic eyeglasses sometimes have spring hinges, which reduce temple breakage when you take them on an off with one hand. The best plastic eyeglasses are made of Italian zyl, cut from a single sheet.

Full Metal Frames

Full Metal Frames made from a mixture of a broad range of metals and has a frame that completely surrounds the lens.
Titanium eyeglasses are light, stiff, and strong. Titanium eyeglasses are also hypoallergenic, meaning that they will not irritate your skin over time. Titanium eyeglasses resist corrosion from facial acids, and retain its color much better than other types of metals used in eyeglasses frames.

Semi Rimless Frames

Semi Rimless Frames have no frame either on the bottom, side or top of the lens. Lenses are mounted to the frame by a thin "nylon" cord.
A semi-rimless glasses frame design has a rim over the top half of the lens. In most cases the bottom part of the lens is held in place by a nylon cord, but some frames are drill mounted so the cord is not necessary. The frame on a half-rimless frame is most commonly on the top of the lens, although occasionally it is located on the bottom of the lens.

Full Rimless Frames

Full Rimless Frames have no frame at all around the lens. The lenses are actually part of the strength of the frame.
Rimless eyeglasses are eyeglasses that have no frame going around the lens. Half rimless eyeglasses have a frame over the top part of the frame, and a line holding up the bottom part of the lens. Rimless eyeglass frames are the lightest type of all eyeglass frames because there is simply less frame material sitting on your face. A light, rimless eyeglasses frame is generally more comfortable, less noticeable, and it usually stays on better than a heavier frame. A rimless glass frame hides the least amount of your face and your eyes, whereas other frame styles are designed to be seen and to cover up parts of your face.
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