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Contact Lenses Exam & Fitting

Eye exams for contact lenses include special tests that typically are not performed in routine eye exams for eyeglasses.
You may be asked general questions about your lifestyle and preferences regarding contact lenses, such as whether you might want to change your eye color with color contact lenses or if you're interested in options such as daily disposables or overnight wear.
Your doctor may also discuss the option of rigid gas permeable (RGP or GP) contact lenses, although most people today are fitted with soft lenses.
Just as one shoe size doesn't fit all, one contact lens size doesn't fit all. Aspects of a contact lens fitting is described below.

Cornea Measurements

An instrument called a keratometer will be used to measure the curvature of your eye's clear front surface.

Pupil and Iris Measurements

The size of your eye's pupil may also be measured. In a simple approach, a card or ruler showing different pupil sizes is held next to your eye to determine the best match.

Tear Film Evaluation

Contact lens fittings may also include a tear film evaluation through use of small strip of paper inserted underneath your lower eyelid.

Evaluation of your eye's surface and contact lens fit

The health of your cornea will be evaluated using a biomicroscope. The biomicroscope is used to evaluate the fit of a trial contact lens, because it enables your doctor to observe the alignment and movement of the lens as it rests on the surface of your eye.
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